Have you eaten today

Not everyone can say yes We get it, Your money is your money. What if I told you that you could feed a few people without spending any extra money! Yep, I know, Cool  Right!   Right, check out below to see a few different ways you can donate through programs like Kroger community rewards!  You buy your groceries and Kroger gives us a donation Win Win!

Have you ever needed help to make ends meet?  Yeah, we all have at some point time right it’s kinda part of life!
We provide our community with aid, knowledge, resources that help the individual to grow and get back on their feet.

Below is a couple of ways that you can be a part of this amazing journey, we call life.





Kroger Community rewards

To set Circle of mother Earth for your kroger commuinty rewards click the button!


Amazon Smile

To set Circle of Mother Earth as your Amazon smile charitable organization click the button below!

Amazon Smile